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For further information see information on contaminated land soil surveys on Soil Environment Services web site.

All new developments on brownfield or contaminated land require a contaminated land soil survey or risk assessment.

In order to meet the planning requirements of any such development project the planning authorities will require an assessment of contaminated land from a qualified team of soil scientists such as those at Soil Environment Services.

The level of contamination can vary considerably and this will affect the type of soil survey required - from a contamination desk-top survey at a site through to detailed Phase 3 intrusive investigations involving drilling to depth.

Soil surveys or contaminated land risk assessments can take the following form:

Desktop survey – We would strongly advise a thorough desktop soil survey and not an ‘off-the-shelf’ report, which seem inexpensive but rarely meets the requirements of planning authorities (leading to delays and extra cost). Soil Environment Services will conduct a robust desktop analysis and engage in dialogue with regulatory authorities. To make an enquiry relating to desktop surveys visit the Soil Environment Services at or click here.

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For further information on soil surveys please visit Soil Environment Services at or contact us on 01661 844 827.