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For further information see on Agricultural Land Soil Survey and classification at the Soil Environment Services web site

There are several circumstances when a soil survey on agricultural land will be required:

  • An Agricultural Land Classification (ALC) survey – required usually for development and planning purposes
  • Soil movement strategy – to meet regulations related to the impact of mineral extraction on soils
  • Waste recycling to land – to meet the requirements of the Waste Management Licensing regulations for the land spreading of wastes
  • For farmers engaged in the Single Payment Scheme of Stewardship Schemes who need a soil management plan

Agricultural Land Classification
Undertaken in accordance with the Agricultural Land Classification (England and Wales) guidelines and criteria for grading the quality of agricultural land, 1988.

The classification includes a review of previous soil surveys and site information followed by an in depth field examination of the soil carried out in accordance with current soil survey methods and guidance documents. Field assessment of the soil by experienced soil survey consultants such as Soil Environment Services is essential.

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