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Soil protection has become a major political, environmental and economic issue. Demand for new developments is rising and this has resulted in increased pressure to consider changes in land use. As a consequence gaining accurate information on the impact of development on land, and particularly soils, has become increasingly important.

Soil surveys are an integral part of any development project - whether a contaminated land risk assessment or development on agricultural land.

There is considerable information and best practice guidance available on how soil surveys for different projects should be undertaken.  This guidance is well embedded in the planning system and Soil Environment Services are professionals in implementing the techniques in the guidance.

A professional soil survey can enable the development process to run more smoothly and unlock considerable value from land whilst protecting the soil resource.

This web site will tell you more about soil surveys for contaminated land risk assessment and soil surveys for developments on agricultural land.   Please contact us if you think we can help you with your development project.

For further information on soil surveys please visit Soil Environment Services at or contact us on 01661 844 827.